We’re loving the trendy ‘Exposed Brick Wall’ backdrops in homes these days. More and more people are now following the rustic and edgy trend that defines the interior industry.

As important as it is to follow wall trends, it is equally important to match the furniture to this trend. Incorporating exposed brick brings character and raw charm into any interior space from your kitchen to your bedroom. Exposed brick is one of the most common architectural elements in modern apartments in cities like New York. Though it offers tons of character, it can make decorating quite challenging since drilling into brick isn’t the easiest task.

Due to the warm, natural colors, exposed brick can provide high style, rustic accents or a modern, industrial feel.

There is no rule book that says “Hang the Mirrors or hang the huge pictures”. Consider leaning them against your brick wall for a decorative effect that helps ground the room. If you go the mirror route, a nice addition it to place a cabinet or table in front of it to add depth.

Another fantastic way to show off your brick wall is to add a ‘Backless’ Shelf rack or Bookcase. We don’t want to hide the gorgeous warmth and the rustic appeal of that brick wall.

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